Delivering Boardroom Presentations
A 4-Day Workshop

The Need

Frequently, economists, venture capitalists, members of senior management or other financial executives are asked to present data-intensive material to others in boardroom settings. These presentations are often accompanied by a series of charts or graphs and the data presented may be open to multiple interpretations. The presenter’s role is to guide audience members through data that is often complex and lead the audience to a logical conclusion.

Our Solution

Boardroom presentations require superior presentation skills. In Delivering Boardroom Presentations, participants learn how to:


The Logistics

Delivering Boardroom Presentations is conducted in four consecutive days by one instructor to a group of up-to-6 participants. Throughout the session, each participant works with a business-specific "boardroom quality" presentation and receives a wealth of feedback including instructor critique, peer review and video feedback. Participants work in a group setting each morning and have one-on-one sessions with the instructor during the first three afternoons. The program culminates with "mock boardroom" presentation on the last day where participants have the opportunity to present a boardroom quality presentation in a simulated setting.

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