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At SAI, we understand the relationship between training events and organizational success.  Our efforts must impact your bottom line in order to justify our services.  We make the connection between our services and the success of the organizations we serve by establishing a consultative partnership with our clients and assessing this impact outside of the training setting.

While our services often take the face of "training days", we do not work with clients without first understanding their business.  Knowing your business is especially important when the goal is to increase team performance or interpersonal effectiveness; or when you need a way to measure performance at the individual, team, regional/divisional, or organizational levels.  The following is a brief introduction to the consultative services available through SAI in these areas.

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Increasing Team Performance

At SAI we are astonished to learn that our competitors offer open enrollment courses in team building.  We find it pointless to offer services designed to enhance team performance to other than intact or newly formed teams.  Before implementing any team building initiative, we make every effort to understand the dynamics of the group we are to work with and their particular needs. 

The question we attempt to answer is:  What would you like this group of people to be doing that they are not presently doing?  The answer to this may often lead to training programs such as Getting It Done in Teams or Interpersonal Communications.  While these programs may look like "shelf offerings", they are never done without a thorough knowledge of the target audience and their needs.

Answering the above question may also mean implementing some type of multi-rater feedback mechanism to give the team a perspective on how they are doing.   This assessment can become a point of reference against which future efforts can be measured. (See Fully Customized Multi-Rater Assessments below on this page.)

You can begin a discussion with SAI concerning your current team issues by completing the request for additional information at the bottom of this page.

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Increasing Interpersonal Effectiveness

Whether entry level, mid-management or senior executive; the importance of interpersonal skills is constant in business.  People skills have become increasingly important as organizations have become flatter and smaller.

Increasing interpersonal effectiveness can have significant benefits at the individual, team, divisional and organizational levels.  SAI frequently relies on instrumentation to help assess interpersonal effectiveness and shape improvement efforts.  While we are always open to using client-preferred instrumentation, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI).  The instrument is rich and well-researched.

SAI does not sell the MBTI.  There is little value in knowing your four-letter type.  What we do sell is increased interpersonal effectiveness.  With the help of type theory, we help employees understand their own unique communication style.  Using our own AlSO Model (Aligning Self with Others), we help employees to better align their communications with those who have a different style.  We also help teams of employees understand their unique team communication style and its strengths and liabilities.

As you may guess, increasing interpersonal effectiveness requires more than just "a training program".  While it will be helpful to check the description of Interpersonal Communications, please appreciate that this program is most effective when tailored to a team or organization's particular needs.

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Fully Customized Multi-Rater Assessments

MRA is the most effective way to measure performance in today's matrixed organizations.  The single perspective of the "supervisory review" has always had limited value and is especially inappropriate today.

Beyond measuring performance, SAI's MRA services provide a number of other significant benefits:

We use an assessment technology that allows us to totally customize assessments and create tools that are completely unique to your need.  Additionally, SAI will provide this technology to its clients.  When you have this technology in-house, you may re-assess at a later time, create new assessments or assess new populations, all without unnecessary entanglements with external vendors.

Begin a discussion concerning your particular assessment need by clicking "Request Additional Information: below.

Click here to go to a complete and printable description called "What Is MRA". Click here to go to a complete and printable case study showing how MRA can be customized and used in your organization.

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