Dynamic Facilitation Skills
"Train the Trainer"

A 2-Day Workshop

The Need

In order for individuals to effectively present business information, they must possess more than a sound knowledge of their subject matter. In addition to presenting with vitality and enthusiasm, those who facilitate learning employ engaging facilitation techniques, create empowering learning environments and foster commitment and buy-in. The empowered learner is then better prepared to transfer skills and knowledge within his or her own circle of influence.

Our Solution

In Dynamic Facilitation Skills, participants will review the following presentation skills and techniques:

Additionally, participants will learn and practice the following facilitation skills and techniques:

The Logistics

Dynamic Facilitation Skills is taught in two days with up to 5 participants or in three days with 6 - 10 participants. Day I involves the entire class in modelling and discussing the skills and techniques outlined above. Between Day I and II, participants develop a thirty-minute module of instruction employing the skills and techniques. On Day II (and Day III, if necessary), participants meet individually with the instructor in the morning to review and modify what they have developed. In the afternoon, participants meet in groups of up to five to present their modules to each other for group feedback and video review. Each participant receives a videotape of his or her presentation.

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