Getting It Done In Teams
A 2-Day Workshop

The Need

As organizations become more responsive to their consumers in a rapidly changing business environment they are discovering the benefits of having employees from various levels and functions work together in teams. Traditional reporting relationships are being redefined. To be effective, members of multi-level cross-functional teams need tools to understand their mandate and to get the job done in a new political environment.

Our Solution

Getting It Done In Teams is designed to build teams and give them the skills necessary to continue to operate successfully. As a result of attending this workshop, team members will be able to:

The Logistics

Getting It Done In Teams is taught in two days with any intact team of up to 15 people. Larger teams can be accommodated in three to five days. Content is conveyed largely through experience. Participants learn about being team players by participating in a variety of carefully planned exercises where they get immediate feedback about their performance. A survey instrument is used to generate discussion and help participants learn about the phases of group development.

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