How This Site is Organized

The SAI Web site is organized into six sections:

1. Showcase Seminars

Our world-class offerings in three  key management
communications skills.

2. Tailored Workshops

Management training tailored to your environment and audience.

3. MRA Services

SAI will design, develop and administer totally-customized multi-rater assessments to meet a need for executive development, performance assessment, team building or any other MRA application.

4. Consulting Services

Customized interventions in team building, interpersonal
communications and the design, development and administration of totally customized
multi-rater assessment (MRA) instruments.

5.  Our Associates

Meet a few of the associates who are available to you through SAI.

6.  Articles

Writings and publications from our staff.

To see all services listed on a site map with active hyperlinks, simply click on: