Interpersonal Communication Skills
Using the MBTI

A 2-Day Workshop

The Need

With all the technological advances in the communications industry today, people still experience difficulty with the most basic form of human communication: face-to-face interaction. Information is frequently mis-communicated, mis-understood, mis-quoted, or even missed altogether because of ineffective interpersonal communications. Yet with training and practice, people can increase their interpersonal effectiveness.

The Solution

Interpersonal Communications Skills is designed to help participants become aware of how they communicate with others and to help them increase their level of skill in doing so. In this seminar, participants will:

The Logistics

This two-day workshop is conducted with up to 20 participants. Participants will complete a diagnostic instrument either before or during the seminar. The instrument will be selected based on the needs and composition of the participants. The second day of the seminar is experiential and skill based. In a non-threatening environment, participants will learn and practice a variety of skills for increasing interpersonal effectiveness.

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