MRA Case Study
See how Dana Pritchard became a better manager through the use of multi-rater assessment.

The following is an example of how MRA can be used to enhance performance. Italicized comments written in maroon refer to how your usages may differ.


Dana Pritchard has been a manager with Advanced Technologies for over 6 years.   She manages a team of four who are responsible for bringing a new product to market. Dana is proud of her management abilities and feels she is a strong advocate for her team.

Recently, however, she had begun to notice some deterioration in the team's productivity and morale. After consultation with her manager, she decided to ask her team to help her assess some of her leadership skills. In order to get the most candid and accurate feedback, Dana decided to use an assessment process that would not only allow respondents to remain anonymous but also give her specific feedback regarding her skills.

MRA can be used to assess individuals (as in this example) or groups of individuals, teams, or entire organizations. When assessments are done across an entire company (like a performance appraisal process) individual results can be compared to team results; team results can be compared to Divisional results; and Divisional results can be compared to overall organizational results. Aggregating data in this way can provide useful feedback at a variety of levels within the organization.

The Process

With help, Dana developed an MRA instrument that would assess skills in three areas:

Team Building Delegation Performance Management

The assessment instrument contained a total of twenty-five items. Each item was carefully designed to provide her with specific feedback on an observable behavior that supported one of the above three skills sets.

An assessment for your use may have any number of assessment areas or categories. These categories can be unique to your organization’s needs. Additionally, you can design any number of items within a category. The items may also be of your own design.

Dana staff responded to each item on a 1 - 10 scale that measured their "satisfaction" with how well Dana performed each item within each category. Dana’s assessment also allowed respondents to include comments regarding each item.

Your survey can be on any scale of your own design: 1 - 5; 1 - 10; etc. It may also measure "satisfaction", "agreement", "importance" or any other measure you choose. You may gather up-to-three different types of comment regarding each item. For example, after each item you may ask "What you like", "What you don’t like" and "What you would prefer". You can phrase the prompts for written responses in any way you choose.

The Result

Dana learned that her team felt she was a strong advocate for them collectively.  She also learned that team members needed more individual feedback and more authority granted at the individual level.  Using the developmental recommendations from her feedback report, Dana and her manager instituted a performance improvement program designed to help her be more responsive to the individuals on her team.  Dana began to see positive results from her efforts within weeks.

You can generate reports showing performance at the item or category level. These reports can be printed for individuals, teams, divisions or entire organizations. MRA can be used to answer "How am I doing?" at any of these levels. Should you choose to re-assess at a later date, you can measure movement on items and categories at any level as well.

You can view and print Dana's actual assessment results by clicking on the button below.  In order to view this document you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may get a free copy by clicking on the Adobe icon below and to the right. Dana's report contains the following sections:

The Items Item Ratings by Category Lowest Rated Items with Developmental Recommendations.


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