Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
A Systematic Approach

A 2-Day Workshop

The Need

Managers are often hired and promoted based on their abilities to solve problems and make appropriate decisions. Managers must apply problem solving and decision making skills daily to tactical, strategic and human business problems. Their decisions must be defensible in what are often highly politicized business environments. Managers who can solve problems and make decisions in a fashion that is not only creative and intuitively sound, but also logical, systematic and defensible will give your organization a competitive advantage.

Our Solution

In Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills, managers will learn skills and techniques to help them:

The Logistics

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills is taught in two days with up to 20 participants. In addition to instructor commentary, this highly-interactive program utilizes action learning techniques such as group discussions, case studies, and experiential exercises to convey learning points. An action planning module at the conclusion of the course helps ensure that participants will apply their newly acquired skills once back on the job.

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