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Dynamic Presentation Skills

Effective Business Writing:  Process, Form and Mechanics

Delivering Boardroom Presentation

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Tailored Workshops

Dynamic Facilitation Skills

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Getting It Done In Teams

Interpersonal Communications

Communicating For Success

Effectively Managing Team Meetings



What Is MRA?

MRA Case Study

Consulting Services

Increasing Team Performance

Increasing Interpersonal Effectiveness (With the MBTI)

Fully Customized Multi-Rater Assessments


Our Associates

Bill Spaulding (Principal)

Laura San Roman

Howard Schuman

Dennis Steele

Jeff Dorman



"When Employees Can't Write"

"Taming the Meeting Monster"

"Using 360o Assessment Technology To Enhance Performance and Productivity "

"Establishing Relationships With Service Suppliers"

"The Absolutely Positively Definitive Story On Active Voice and Business Writing"


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