Effectively Managing Team Meetings
A 2-Day Workshop

The Need

With the popularity of total quality management, empowerment, and self-directed work teams, the time a manager spends in meetings is becoming more critical to business success. To effectively utilize a TQM approach, managers must be able to present information professionally and also manage meeting time in a way that maximizes the likelihood of a productive outcome.

Our Solution

Those who attend Effectively Managing Team Meetings will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills both as a presenter and as a facilitator of the meeting process. As a result of attending this seminar, participants will be able to:

The Logistics

Effectively Managing Team Meetings is designed to be delivered in one day with 16 participants. Video tape is used to help participants sharpen their presentation skills and to provide feedback on how well they utilize meeting skills. This seminar is action oriented.  Participants will conclude the seminar with much of the planning in place for a future meeting for which they are responsible.

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