The Writing Coach
An Individualized Coaching

The Need

The ability to write effectively is one of the most powerful communication skills available to today’s manager. Properly employed, this skill can generate sales, close deals, rally support, motivate action and more.

While structured writing training programs can help managers develop these skills, schedules may not always permit the two or more days necessary to complete a workshop.

Our Solution

The Writing Coach is designed for individuals who have access to e-mail and who want personalized attention to help them develop their business writing skills. By exchanging e-mails with The Writing Coach, a manager gets individualized feedback on the job-related writing he or she is currently producing.  Among the results that a manager can expect from this process are:

The Logistics

The Writing Coach is available to participants through e-mail and telephone. Participants may submit up to 4 different writing samples totaling no more than 8 typed pages. For each sample, The Writing Coach will pinpoint specific areas for improvement and provide general rules for future application. Participants may also discuss their writing with The Writing Coach by telephone.

This service is priced at $295 per participant and group contract rates are available.

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